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Frugal Feasting: Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgiving Groceries This Season

By Kelsey Hokit
  • Home

Although this time of year can be filled lots of joy and laughter, it can also feel slightly stressful when it comes to buying groceries for these gatherings. So, let’s talk about some of the best ways that you can save money on groceries this season.


1)Plan a Budget

One of the best ways you can save money is to plan your budget ahead of time. Put together what you can spend in advance so you can start planning ahead and know what you will be spending.


2) Start Your Shopping Early

For certain items, you can start shopping early. Things that do not need to be refrigerated or kept fresh can be bought a couple of weeks early to not have to spend all of the money at once. You will also be able to keep an eye out for when things are cheaper and grab them ahead of time.


3) Utilize Coupons

If you prepare far enough in advance, you can utilize coupons for your Thanksgiving groceries. This can help you save plenty of money if you are able to look at coupons and take the time to check out different stores and get the best prices.


4) Keep the Menu Simple

Don’t feel as though you need to go overboard if you cannot afford to do so. Don’t feel bad for scaling back on the menu and only having one or two appetizers. Another option is to ask guests to bring their favorite dish and consider providing appetizers, one main dish, and beverages. Everyone else can bring a dish and that will also keep the cost down.


Don’t let the price of groceries keep you from having the Thanksgiving get together you are dreaming of! There are plenty of easy ways to save money and still have a beautiful gathering with family and friends.