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Hack the Hood

Hack the Hood

Hack the Hood empowers under-resourced youth of color with knowledge, skills, and resources needed to succeed in tech careers. Through mentorship, culturally-relevant knowledge, 21st-century skills, and community partnerships, they believe youth can become creators of change in their communities.

One of the programs that they have is Hack the Hood bootcamp. It takes youth who usually have more experience consuming tech than producing tech and immerses them in a program where they learn tech and coding skills, work with tech professionals, and come to see themselves in tech careers— and have a plan how to get there. Over the 6-9 week program, young people practice the skills they are learning by serving as web developers and consultants for real-world local small businesses and community organizations in their community. They do this work in partnership with local tech company mentors who advise on development and design, local business networks who provide clients, and city governments that help with youth stipends and local awareness.


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