We exist to create a transformative real estate development that will make a meaningful contribution to enhancing the quality of life in Downtown Los Angeles.

the investment

We are investing our financial and human capital, intending that both will be rewarded for their contributions. We intend to reinvest our rewards and our financial and human capital in future projects that will make similar contributions to urban centers.

the bloc

We intend to make The Bloc the centerpiece of Downtown Los Angeles, a place that celebrates life in the city and connects the talents and resources of downtown’s businesses, residents and workers. Our success in doing so will be measured by the degree to which we enrich the lives of those working, shopping or visiting Downtown Los Angeles.


We connect to and support the downtown community, inviting local businesses, artists and arts organizations and community institutions to join us at The Bloc and to benefit from that association.

economic value

With determination, we will deliver the very best economic value available in the market to our tenants, customers and visitors. The assessment of “value” will include the physical beauty, the quality of service, the convenience and efficiency and the vibrant urbanity of The Bloc.

The values and brand of The Bloc and its office, retail and hotel components are structured to be true to the values adopted and expressed by the ownership.


where you beat the 3 pm slump.

where you got the big idea.

where you made history.


where you decided you do look good in pink.

where you got your wish.

where you found you.



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